The Beds and Herts Breast Screening Service


The Beds and Herts Breast Screening Service is now inviting all eligible women registered with this Practice for your free 3-yearly mammogram. An x-ray of the breast can detect Breast Cancer at an early stage.

The mobile unit will be situated in the Marks & Spencer's Car Park, Brooke Centre and will start screening in July 2024.

Women aged over 50

An invitation will be sent to each eligible woman 2-3 weeks prior to the appointment for breast screening. The appointment can be changed if inconvenient by calling the centre on 01582 497599 or visit the appointment system on their website

Women aged over 71

The breast screening service will continue to screen women aged 70 and over, however women will not receive an automatic call for screening. After the age of 71 women are requested to contact our centre to arrangemammograms every 3 years should they wish to continue the programme.

Published: Jul 3, 2024